Checking Gmail Messages With C#

by Rob 11. December 2011 00:06


I used OpenPop.NET for the first time yesterday.  I highly recommend it; it's free, open-source, really simple and it seems to work.

    List<Message> myMail = FetchAllMessages("", 995, true, "", "mysupersecretpasswordshhhhh!");
    public static List<Message> FetchAllMessages(string hostname, int port, bool useSsl, string username, string password)
        // The client disconnects from the server when being disposed
        using (Pop3Client client = new Pop3Client())
            // Connect to the server
            client.Connect(hostname, port, useSsl);

            // Authenticate ourselves towards the server
            client.Authenticate(username, password);

            // Get the number of messages in the inbox
            int messageCount = client.GetMessageCount();

            // We want to download all messages
            List<Message> allMessages = new List<Message>(messageCount);

            // Messages are numbered in the interval: [1, messageCount]
            // Ergo: message numbers are 1-based.
            // Most servers give the latest message the highest number
            for (int i = messageCount; i > 0; i--)

            // Now return the fetched messages
            return allMessages;
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