Google Voice And Sprint....No Thanks!

by Rob 5. May 2011 16:39

If you haven't already heard, Goole and Sprint have partnered up.  Now Sprint customers can seemlessly integrate Google Voice with their Sprint account. 

Best of all - it's free!  Or so they claim.

What happens to my monthly plan with Sprint?Nothing changes. You don't pay more for these new features, and you don't have to sign a new contract. Your monthly minutes, texts and calling features all stay the same

As it turns out, that is only half true.  

If you are already using Google Voice you are used to sending and receiving phone calls from the website.  Previously, this was free and Sprint was not involved at all.  You were simply a Google Voice user making a Google Voice call.  But if you link your Sprint account and Google Voice account....your previously free calls now cost you money.  That's right, the same call that was free and didn't involve Sprint *at all* yesterday; will now use your Sprint minutes.  

Rob Paulson: "Yesterday, if someone called my GV number and I answered it on the computer; Sprint would not be involved at all.  It was free.  Today, I linked my Sprint # and my GV account.  If someone calls me today, dialing my Sprint #, and I answer on my computer; it will use my Sprint minutes. 

Rob Paulson: "Is that correct?"

Agent (Katherine B): "Yes, you are correct."

So you need to sacrifice the best part of Google Voice (free calls) in order to use your Sprint number.  And the only benefit you get is that you can use your Sprint phone number?  But only as long as you are a Spring customer!

If your Sprint contract expires. You will be on a month to month basis and your services will not be impacted unless you request to conclude your services with Sprint. Keep in mind, should you choose to cancel your services and want to keep your number with Google Voice. You would need to port your number to Google Voice.

Unless you plan on sticking with Sprint forever, you are either going to lose your phone number or you are going to pay $20 to port the number to Google.  In either case, why not continue to enjoy free calls with Google Voice and either port your number now, or move to a new free Google Voice number?