The New Office...*

by Rob 19. October 2011 12:24

* Pending the successful completion of the background check and Green Card application approval....

It looks like I've found a new job in Dublin.  The green card application is being submitted and, as long as everything checks out, I should start in January (giving me time to finish my semester at CSU).  I'm now a 'Software Engineer' as opposed to a 'Software Developer' and I'll be working in the financial industry for a US based company with offices all over the world.  Exciting stuff.

Here's some pictures of and around the office.  If Chicago was too big, and Fort Collins was too small....this place should be just right.


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Monica United States on 10/21/2011 6:48:07 PM

I'm quite excited that you have a job coming soon!  And it sounds awesome that you can wait until January to start so you can get your schooling done for the semester.  I hope the Green Card works out!

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